My name is Shujaat (pronounced شجاعت), and I am a Toronto-based multidisciplinary designer. I focus on creating empowering experiences for people through the use of human-centred design, practicing empathy and, leveraging emerging technologies.     

I have had the opportunity to design things* at RBC, CIBC, Autodesk, and other fantastic places. 

RBC Rewards︎

A rewarding e-commerce experience for credit card holders.


A wayfinding solution aimed at commuters with travellers anxiety.

Betawork Studios︎

A series of illustrations about humans and the way we connect.

Pedal For Change︎

A community initiative to make roads safer.


A narrative-driven art exhibition made possible by virtual reality.

Caravel Framework︎

A visual system created for an AI retail assistant.

To find a summary of my professional experience take a glance at my resume. I can be contacted via email, and can be found on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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